Gotta Slow Down

Verse 1
I’m at full speed every day and it never seems to end
Seems I never see my woman and I never see my friends
The boss is on my back, everybody’s on my case
Someday I’m gonna crack, gonna get up in someone’s face

Verse 2
Well I don’t like to complain and I think it seems a sin
This job is taxin’ on my brain and my wits are at the end
They just don’t care what I want and what I think
Now I just want to go home and have myself a drink

Verse 3 (Slow Part)
Well for months on end, this gig’s been gettin’ me down, gettin’ me down
One of these days, I’ll hit the highway and ride right on out of town, ride on out of town
Cause I gotta slow down, gotta slow down, gotta slow down
Before it takes away my mind, And you know that it will
And I gotta slow down, slow on down

Verse 4
Oh they say you can’t succeed, when you ‘re working for the man
But it pays the bills for now, and I’ll do it while I can
I gotta slow down