Welcome to the Official Ghost Band site

It all started in the mid 70’s in the hills of Appalachia.  DE Roe and Brent “Buck” Spurlock met up in a sleepy little town on the Ohio River and started what is known today as the Ghost Band, although at the time they didn’t know the full potential.  The two reunited in the 1980’s in central Florida where Buck worked with a rocker from Ohio named Billy Bob Sides, who was the lead guitarist from the legendary band “Side Show”.  In the early 90’s, “Side Show” was giggin’ around central Florida and Roe was running the light show.  Side Show had hired a sound man also from Appalachian America (WV) by the name of Mike Stewart.  Now Stewart was also a fine guitar picker and equally good song writer.  So Stewart was running sound, and Roe was running lights and then there was Side Show’s bass guitarist, who was a Florida boy named Blake Nichols.

In the mid 90’s when Side Show broke up Nichols, Roe, Stewart and Spurlock got together for a jam session and the core of The Ghost Band was formed for the next 15 years.  However, over the years players and singers came and went and there always seemed to be a ghost member.

The very first jam session was held in 1988 in historical Mims, Florida, in a little grove shack that was known as the Mims Shack.  The players there that day were Spurlock, Roe, Sides and a keyboard player from Titusville Fl named JB Brady.  The bass players throughout the years were Carl Anderson, Hash Brown and Cliff Miller.  The band has also had a few different singers: Donnie Howard and Jimbo Humphries.

All the newly released tunes on the album “Hide and Make Inactive” were recorded by the core group of Ghost Band members Nichols, Roe, Stewart and Spurlock with the exception of some lead guitar work by the newest lead guitarist Human “Dave” Jabari on GOTTA SLOW DOWN and AMERICA’S MOST WANTED.